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Natural Hair Guides

Want to have natural hair guides and resources at your fingertips?  We've made it easy for those new or veteran hair gurus  to learning about important details about your hair.


Beginner guides are for those of us who are just now looking to dive into their hair and hair care maintenance. If you don't know where to start. Start here. Hair Guides are in order of our HairOnPurpose approved hair journey. Some guides are downloadable and others videos.


So you know a lil something, something about hair and believe you can skip the basics! Great, then the Intermediate hair guides are for you. These guides are meant for those who want to advance on their skills based on what they already know!


Hair gurus, wassup!  You are a seasoned hair lover  that just wants access to hair guides and tutorials to continue to build on your love for hair. We got you! Check out this section for your hair loving pleasure.

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