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About The Box

Style of the Month

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The HairOnPurpose membership box is a step by step, fully equipped hair tutorial box delivered to your home monthly.


Inspired by families looking to take the guesswork out of the hairstyling process or be more comfortable styling their kids hair regularly, this box comes with every item you need to create the styles of the month.


How Does The Box Work?

The HairOnPurpose Box Works in three steps:

1) Choose Your Skill Level

Every month, members select the hair level that best fits their hair skill level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). At each skill level there are two (2) hair styles pre-selected by the HairOnPurpose team.

2) Receive & Unpack Your Box

Members receive the HairOnPurpose box the first week of every month and guaranteed to have the best products and styling aides needed to create hairstyles.


3) Create Hair Magic

Gain access to step by step instructions both printed and video tutorial link to begin creating hair magic on your favorite girl!

Packlane_Snapshot (2).png
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