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"Braided and Laid"

Here's What You'll Need

- Rat Tail Comb

- 2 hair ties

- 2 rubberbands 

- Gold Accessories 

- Palmer's Moisture Boost Hair & Scalp Oil 

- Palmer's Moisture Boost Defining Gel

- 2 open pins 

- Brush

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How Does It Work


  • Begin on freshly washed hair

  • Evenly distribute the Hair & Scalp Oil

  • Using the Rat Tail Comb, make a 1/2 inch parting down the center stopping at the center of the head. 

  • Using the defining gel, cornrow that section.

  • Clip other hair away 

  • Repeat this step in the back of the head, you should now have two center braids that meet in the middle.

  • Moving back to the front  of the head, create a wide V parting starting from the center braid. Use defining gel to Cornrow this section.

  • Create another wide V parting section and cornrow the section.

  • With the remaining hair, use the defining gel to cornrow the hair sleekly 

  • Repeat this step on the other side.

  • On the left side, brush the hair into a ponytail.

  • Twist the hair and then secure with rubberband and pin.

  • Repeat on the other side. 

  • Voila! Hair Magic

Skill Level Explained
Frequently Asked Questions
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