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"Bantu Me Please"

Here's What You'll Need

- Rat Tail Comb

- 16 rubberbands

- Brush (optional) 

- Palmer's Moisture Curl Refresher

-Moisture Boost Hair & Scalp Oil 

- Palmer's Moisture Boost Defining Gel

- Palmer's Moisture Boost Defining Cream

Copy of Beginner (9).png


  • Begin on freshly washed hair

  • Evenly spray the Palmer's Moisture Boost Curl Refresher

  • And then evenly distribute the Hair & Scalp Oil, & Defining Cream

  • Using the Rat Tail Comb,  create a straight part down the center.

  • Clip away the right section

  • In the back of the head create a diagonal part from the center line.

  • You should have created a triangle parting.

  • Using the defining gel, create a sleek ponytail 

  • Roll the hair into a bantu and secure with a rubberband

  • Repeat the diagonal partings and bantu process throughout the left side of the head

  • Repeat on the right side of head. 

  • Voila! Hair Magic

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